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Webpage Design and Development

The following is a partial list of the websites and webpages I have built as part of my work.

Research-based websites relating to my own research (1983-2003):

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Canajohary: The Archeology of Mohawk River Trade and Transport in the 1790s
A summary of the early trade and navigation sites surviving in the Canajoharie area of the Mohawk Valley.
Brushpiling: Eighteenth Century English Engineering in an American Wilderness
A summary of a joint US-UK research project on unique erosion control devices in an 1803 New York canal.
Native American Engineering Used by New York's First Canal Company
Use of rock dams on the Mohawk River to improve navigation in the 1790s.
The Neck: New York's Oldest Canal
Documentation on the discovery of the first canal in New York State, dug in 1730.
The Inland Navigation Surveys of 1792 Pending
A facsimile edition of the 1792 Mohawk River survey.
One New Three-handed Batteau
The history of the 1792 expedition to survey the Mohawk River by boat.
Water Ways West: The 1772 Map
A compendium of detailed map sections taken from the 1772 survey of the rivers between Albany and Oswego.
Taverns, Forts & Castles: Re-Discovering King Hendrick's Village
A report on how the 1750s village of Mohawks was discovered two miles east of where it was believed to have been.
Landmarks & Pathways
A State History Conference presentation on re-discovering colonial transport routes across the Susquehanna/Mohawk divide.
The Painted Rocks of the Mohawk
A report on an early pictograph site on the Mohawk Valley and how it was rediscovered using 1890s field paintings.
Oak Orchard - Rediscovered
A report on the discovery of a colonial camp, historic burial ground and lost homestead on Wood Creek.

Collections-based websites created for the Museum curators:

The History Collections Website Unavailable
A large public access website presenting the historical collections of the Museum.
The Herschell-Spellman Carousel
A webpage dealing with the Museum's historic carousel restoration.
The Weitsman Stoneware Collection
A webpage presenting part of a multi-million dollar stoneware collection acquired by the Museum.
Women's History in the Museum Collections
Some artifacts from the Museum collection related to women's history in New York State.
Wunsch Americana Collection of American Furniture
An introduction to the furniture collection acquired through grants and donations.
The Governor's Collection of Contemporary Native American Crafts
A survey of the items collected as part of this initiative to document modern Native crafts.

Informational websites designed to support community projects and education.

A Poor Man's Micro-photography
Techniques for creating 3-D photographs of small objects and artifacts.
Up and Down the River
A teaching guide for interpreting the trade of goods between frontier settlements and commercial centers on the Mohawk River.
The Little Falls Canal - A Documentation Archive
Images, maps and data in support of a field project on this 1795 canal site.
The Durham Boat - A Divers Fact Sheet Unavailable
A data sheet to help divers identify remains of this historic boat if found.
Juncta - circa 1834: A Documentation Archive
Maps, images and information to support a field projecta nd historic marker installation in Cohoes, NY.
New Discoveries: War of 1812 Batteaux in Lake Champlain
Documentation of the disovery of two War of 1812 boats on the beach in Lake Champlain.
New Discoveries: The Radeau in Lake George
Documentation of the discovery of an intact French & Indian War warboat in Lake George dating from 1758.
The Stark's Knob Project
A project support and information page for the rehabilitation of the Stark's Knob Scientific Reservation.
The State Historic Marker Program
A compilation of various webpages dealing with the New York State historic marker program.

Administrative websites built to enhance public service in the Museum:

The Museum Services Division
A set of webpages presenting access to the Museum Services Division of the State Museum.
History Month 2000
A statewide support page for History Month 2000.

Virtual Exhibits and Virtual Tours

Shaker Legacy: A Virtual Exhibit Tour
A virtual tour of the large Shaker exhibit - 1999/2000.
The Knox Trail: An Early Heritage Trail  (The original interactive version has been made unavailable, but a workable PDF version is hosted at The Hudson River Valley organization.)
Background history and a virtual field tour of the 56 Knox Trail markers across New York and Massachusetts.
Stark's Knob: A Virtual Visit
A virtual walking tour of the trails around the Stark's Knob Scientific Reservation.
Replica batteau The Batteau Voyages - 1991-1995
A virtual voyage with the crew of the replica batteau "Discovery".

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