As a 3-year-old in 1945 I watched the steam trains of the Lehigh Valley Railroad coming and going through the village of New Woodstock (Madison County, NY). Often my vantage point was standing in the kitchen sink, as my mother held me steady, to peer out the window facing the track (see window indicated in the 1947 photo above, courtesy of Jim Wright). In 2004 I began a model railroad project to re-create that experience in HO scale. These webpages provide a description of that modeling project, and the historical research that has supported it.

The Ghost Trains of New Woodstock 
A description of the motivation for this project and my experience of living in New Woodstock in 1944-45.

 Project Concept and Creation
A detailed look at the creation of the model railroad layout from 2002 to 2007.

 Photo Gallery (Layout pics)
A gallery of images of the finished model railroad layout.

The Service Yard Module (2009)
A description of a generic service yard module attached to complete the track loop for continuous running.

 The Train (LVRR 1944-45)
A photo-essay on the mixed trains that ran on this line in the 1940s and my modeling of them for the project.

 Engine 215 - The Last Train (1967)
A presentation of research and photos on the last train to run through New Woodstock in 1967.

 The Depot and Depot Signs
A summary of images and research into the history of the depot, its recreation and the signs it once exhibited.

 Thompson's Coal Company
A summary of documentation on the coal elevator once located here and its operation and design.

 The LVRR Snow Fence
A presentation of evidence on a unique snow fence in New Woodstock built to protect the depot area in the 1920s.

 The Feed & Seed
A presentation about the feed store complex and related construction of a crushed stone hopper on a siding at New Woodstock to handle a road construction project in 1918.

 Time Windows: Three 1940s Views
A set of 1940s images of the prototype area at New Woodstock and the evidence they give of unrecorded structures.

 The Bridge
A presentation on the LVRR iron bridge over the stream just north of New Woodstock.

 The LVRR J-25
A review of the lighter J-25 locomotive that pulled trains here, and a short-cut way to replicate it.

This pre-1930 picture reveals the southbound LVRR train posed at the depot on a winter afternoon. As it steams out it will pass the house where we lived in 1944-45, and the kitchen window where I watched them go by as a 3-year-old (far left, indicated in red).

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