Meg and Me

July 13th, 2001

Hi there, Meghan.

It has been a while since I hid a secret page on this website for you. Remember this day - July 4th last summer - when we dug up the Time Capsule?

This was at the picnic afterwards, and we had our new canoe tied on the car (did you see it in the background of the digging-up shot?) and were about to go up to that lake in Massachusetts.

Whenever I get ready to take a long flight, I get thinking about time, and end up thinking about the past year. I was surprised we had our canoe out already on July 4th. I thought we got it later, but I guess that is right. We went camping in Connecticut that weekend you were mad at Mike, and rented that canoe. I guess that was in early June.


Well, got to be going. Hope we get to go canoeing again this summer. I am saving for a kayak that I can lift by myself, so I can get out on the lakes this fall on my own. Have to try out some first. There is a place at Bolton landing.

Love you...

(This is DAD getting his exercise. Makes me tired just to watch!)

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