Armorial Bearings granted to Robert Lord alias Laward of London in 1510; College of Arms MS L10 folio 105b; copyright of the College of Arms, London. Used by permission.

The Lord Arms in America

The Coat of Arms in my house.

The coat of arms that hung in my house.

For as long as I can remember, in a frame on the wall of my childhood home, hung a beautifully executed and handpainted coat of arms, beneath which was inscribed the name - "Lord".

It had long been the focus of passive curiosity and outright fascination. This study is a quest to discover the true meaning of that coat of arms, and through this adventure, to discover the roots of the "Lord" family and the times in which it began.

Although I did not know it then, this framed coat of arms represents the first piece of archeological evidence in the unravelling of this detective story that will eventually lead us back in time to Medieval England.

The following pages were adapted from a report which I prepared and presented to family members on Christmas Day, 1992.

Table of Contents

Thomas Lord
An introduction to the family Coat of Arms.
A Coat of Arms
What is a Coat of Arms?
The components of a Coat of Arms.
The Lord Arms in the Literature
The recorded Lord arms in the literature.
More Variant Arms
Variations on the common style.
The Archeological Approach
Using the Will of Dorothy Lord - 1669.
The Lord Hatchment
Using the painted Hartford hatchment.
Helms, Hinds and Cinquefoils
The components of the Lord Arms.
The Owner of the Seal?
Finding the owner of the signet for the 1669 seal.
The Lord Family
The genealogy of this family before 1670.
Richard, Richard or Richard?
Tracking down the owner of the signet in 1669.
The Last Word
Conclusions and summary.
The Last Will
The full text of Richard Lord's Will - 1610.
The list of sources used and the lineage from Richard to the author.

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