Note: I was asked by Robert Reid to build a scale model of a typical soldier's hut as would have been occupied by his ancestor in the winter of 1777-78 at Valley Forge. Below are images of the model.     Phil Lord    9/12/15

To review the research supporting the creation of this model, go to my documentation page.

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A view of the soldier's hut and adjacent work area.

Front of hut showing door of split planks. Part of left side of roof has been left infinished to view interior.

Left side of soldier's hut.

Rear of hut showing split stick and mud chimney and edge of woods cut for logs.

Rear of hut with work area on left.

Hut viewed from cut forest area.

Two views of interior showing bunks, door and firewood stored inside.

Model was completed in September, 2015. it was built at a scale of 1:32 to match figures of Rev War soldiers the client already had. The base is 16" x 16" and the hut is about 6" x 8". The logs were crafted from dried willow sticks.

Willow logs supplied by Michael Dodge,

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