Armorial Bearings granted to Robert Lord alias
Laward of London in 1510; College of Arms MS L10 folio 105b;
copyright of the College of Arms, London. Used by permission.

The Gothic Crown

The Gothic Crown

The most beautiful coin in the world (in my opinion).

I have spent some time studying coins, from Roman to modern. I have spent a fair amount of money buying coins. I focus on my favorites, like the Morgan dollar, and I am happy to say that now, as I near my 60th birthday, I have examples of almost every coin I think is historic, aesthetically pleasing, or has some special meaning for me (such as the coins of my childhood). Not always in perfect, or even very good, condition. But still each an historic artifact representative of its type.

But the coin I think is the most beautiful coin ever minted I will never own. It simply is too expensive.

See a Gothic Crown that sold on Ebay for over $1,000.00.

So I have "collected" it here, on this webpage, to preserve the image. I can look at it, and examine it closely, whenever I want, and perhaps that is enough. Beauty is to be appreciated, not necessarily possessed. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

I am sure you can immediately recognize the beauty of this coin in the image above. But if you want to really get a closeup look, click the link below.

Close-up view (107 KB)

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